Fiction’s Top Detectives

Fiction's Top Detectives

Detective stories are historically some of the most popular ever written. We, as humans, have a natural curiosity. We love mysteries and we love watching them wind, twist, turn, and ultimately unfold. There are plenty of logical reasons why we love them (here’s one), but it boils down to the suspense. We love knowing that there’s more coming and that there are details we haven’t yet noticed, or answers we haven’t found.

Let’s take a look at my favorite fictional detectives of all time:

  1. Inspector Gadget

This cartoon character had it all. He was a cyborg police officer outfitted with impressive James Bond-like gadgets, but he never seemed to get out of his own way.  If his bumbling charm didn’t win you over, Gadget’s niece Penny and her dog, who were constantly upstaging him, likely did.

  1. The Boxcar Children

Four orphaned children who make a living together in an abandoned boxcar in the woods- that’s a heck of a story even before we get to mystery solving.  These siblings keep finding themselves in interesting predicaments as they adventure around the country (and through adolescence) – but fortunately across 130 tries there’s no puzzle too big when they’ve got one another.

  1. Fox Mulder

In a world full of skeptics, non-believers, and people intentionally sweeping things under the rug, one man stuck to his guns. Fox Mulder was the X-Files detective committed to uncovering the truth. He didn’t stop at the first sign of resistance, and thanks to his persistence he was able to uncover some enormous global conspiracies involving bees, black goo, hybrids, and a cigarette smoking man.

  1. Sherlock Holmes

I know what you’re thinking – “How is Sherlock not number one?” And trust me, it was a tough call. Especially with Benedict Cumberbatch making waves wearing the double-brimmed cap. Sherlock is one of the best-known detectives, so well-known in fact that many people don’t recognize he’s a fictional character – but it’s his casual relationship with cocaine and morphine that knocked him off the top spot on this list.

  1. The Scooby Doo Gang

This rag tag bunch of teens and their talking great dane sure solved mysteries with the best of them. This crew comes in at number one because they were working against some long odds, and still posted really impressive solve statistics. They had two bumbling (and yellow-bellied) members of their gang, but despite their generally clumsy approach things always seemed to work out, and time and time again they unmasked a crotchety bitter old villain.

No matter who your favorite fictional gumshoe is, feel free to channel them as you find your way out of the Sleuth Box!

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